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Will you be the first Friend of De Invasie?

Who are we looking for? As a Friend of De Invasie, you believe in upcoming talent, whether you’re a company or a person. In exchange, the warriors and robots of De Invasie will express their eternal gratitude by: - inviting you to exclusive events of warriors (imagine being the first one to be able to visit an exhibition, discover a new collection or visit a stock sales), - giving you discount on…

donderdag, 2 april 2015

K!-design & Friends of De Invasie

During De Invasie van Antwerpen Katja Van Breedam (K!-design) puts her bone china-text in the spotlight. This bone china-text are words which contain maximum 10 characters. Our most innovative Friend wins the words he or she would like to see in porcelain. How you can participate in this action and when the lucky one will be announced, will be explained during De Invasie van Antwerpen! K!-design (Antwerp)…

vrijdag, 22 april 2016

Studio Collect & Friends of De Invasie

The four ladies behind the Belgian jewelry label Studio Collect, are going to spoil the first 50 Friends who reach their booth with a limited-edition action during the opening night of De Invasie van Antwerpen which takes place on april 29th (Friends will be invited to the opening night). Those who may call themselves lucky, receive a darkblue pochette with both a semi-precious stone as well as a a…

donderdag, 21 april 2016

Roedel & Friends of De Invasie

The designers behind Roedel can’t wait to introduce the visitors of De Invasie van Antwerpen with their jewelry, graphic design and passion for design. If you’re among our 25 first Friends, you receive a mini brooch when buying a jewelry or brooch at De Invasie van Antwerpen. Roedel (Antwerp) was founded in 2015 by Linde Van Eijnde (1989) and Tim Boers (1984). Linde received a Postgraduate Multimedia…

woensdag, 20 april 2016

Lore Vos & Friends of De Invasie

The tipi’s designed by Lore Vos (Droom) provide a place for children where they can lie on their back and stare at the sky and contemplate their grand adventures. As Friend of De Invasie you can purchase this little paradise for your kids, your godchild… with 10% off! The first three Friends receive another advantage on top, they receive a gift certificate of 20% when buying a tipi with a matching…

woensdag, 20 april 2016

Toos Franken & Friends of De Invasie

At De Invasie van Antwerpen it is possible to buy an exclusive piece of fashion designer Toos Franken to expand your wardrobe! Friends of De Invasie receive a voucher with which they receive a 10% discount when buying one of her designs. Toos Franken (1989) began as a fashion designer in 2014. She studied Fashion at Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp.

dinsdag, 19 april 2016

Atelier Sam Ponette & Friends of De Invasie

Sam Ponette brings found wood back to life! The pieces he finds durings his walks are turned into toy cars, which he calls Ottokar. Friends of De Invasie who are among the first ten orders of one of Sam Ponette his Ottokars, will receive an Ottokar imprinted with the logo of De Invasie. Moreover, as Friend of De Invasie you receive the opportunity to follow Sam in his studio and to search for wood…

dinsdag, 19 april 2016

AH-MIH MAH-MIH & Friends of De Invasie

In need for something new, fresh and fun to dress up your walls at home? As Friend of De Invasie, you receive one free AH-MIH MAH-MIH poster (A3)! AH-MIH MAH-MIH (Lier) was founded in 2015 by graphic & creative designer and web developer Jessica Mamistvalov (1995). Jessica studied Graphic and Digital Media at Artesis Plantijn hogeschool.

dinsdag, 19 april 2016

ECHOOOES & Friends of De Invasie

Always wanted to buy one of the silk scarves of ECHOOOES? Good news! On De Invasie van Antwerpen, you can buy one (or more), plus as a Friend of De Invasie you get a 10% discount on the silk scarves as well as a set of cards to take home!

dinsdag, 19 april 2016

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