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Will you be the first Friend of De Invasie?

Who are we looking for? As a Friend of De Invasie, you believe in upcoming talent, whether you’re a company or a person. In exchange, the warriors and robots of De Invasie will express their eternal gratitude by: - inviting you to exclusive events of warriors (imagine being the first one to be able to visit an exhibition, discover a new collection or visit a stock sales), - giving you discount on…

donderdag, 2 april 2015

Ann Cox at De Invasie toont

Discover Ann Cox' RED STRIPE WALTER at De Invasie toont, a necklace made of transparant tubes string to a colored thread which can we worn in several ways.

zaterdag, 25 april 2015

Andrea De Chirico at De Invasie toont

Discover Scatola Sonora at De Invasie toont, a work by social designer Andrea De Chirico that translates your voice into graphic colorful forms.

zaterdag, 25 april 2015

Titi + The German Kid at De Invasie toont: The Tiger Sweater

TTGK will take us back in time and shows THE TIGER SWEATER at De Invasie toont, a sweater that's a part of the I AIN’T AFRAID OF NO CLOWN collection, and was launched long before famous brands introduced their tigers on sweaters.

dinsdag, 21 april 2015

Nicole Brock at De Invasie toont

Nicole Brock shows Tabeau at De Invasie toont: a 3D composition, rather than a piece of furniture. An instrument for every woman's personal comfort.

maandag, 20 april 2015

La Femme Garniture at De Invasie toont

La Femme Garniture will show a plaid with a flower motive at De Invasie toont, the result of melting an ancient broidery technique with contemporary knitting techniques.

donderdag, 16 april 2015

Ria Lins at De Invasie toont

Ria Lins will show her precious jewelry at De Invasie toont: woven together in silk and made of silver and gold.

woensdag, 15 april 2015

The story about the Robot of De Invasie toont

Soon, we're opening De Invasie toont, an exhibition celebrating our fifth anniversary. Like always, we've updated our Robot. This time our inspiration was stained glass. And what happened was a great surprise. Stained glass artist Veerle Verschooren got inspired by our robot. So she went to work. We'e very happy to already show a sneak preview of the Robot she's making for us. Discover the completed…

dinsdag, 14 april 2015

Ben Storms at De Invasie toont: In Hale

Discover In Hale at De Invasie toont: In Hale looks like a discussion between light weight (an air filled bottom part) and massive marble (about 300 kg).

dinsdag, 14 april 2015

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