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La Femme Garniture: accessoires and textile

Incidence of light, shades, a beautiful color or scene trigger Sabine van Acker, the mother of La Femme Garniture, to design. Almost automatically she gets new ideas, or like she says "I think of it when I wake up until I go to sleep."

woensdag, 4 maart 2015

Which warriors are going with us to our Belgian village in Milan?

Whoah, we're going to Milan with De Invasie! For the third time, more specifically. We're going on a battle tour to A Belgian Village during Ventura Lambrate and are taking some warriors with us. This young talents will show their designs: Axelle Vertommen Cloudswimmers David Hoppenbrouwers Emma De Kimpe Esther Van Schuylenbergh Filip Janssens Gobo Lighting Goele Maes HoutEnMeubel Interror Jan Geboers…

maandag, 2 maart 2015

MOUPILA: furniture and objects

Mieke Keukelier and Tim Schockaert, the founders of MOUPILA, love to create something new. It never gets boring, they say. They find it exciting to design something out of raw materials and love the satisfaction it brings about.

maandag, 2 maart 2015

Jolien Fagard: furniture and objects

Jolien loves to handle materials in her own way. She always searches efficient methods to handle those materials. At one hand creating objects with a lot of potential, but with a minimum of materials can be very satisfying, but at the other hand a design where the degree of simplicity to create it is very high, can also give Jolien a very good feeling.

vrijdag, 27 februari 2015

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