Labt: Nordic Spruce Box

At De Invasie toont in May, Nordic Spruce Box, a modular cabinet system consisting out of three components: small, medium and large, will be established!

woensdag, 25 maart 2015

Ilse Acke: Els en Hilde

We will show Els en Hilde, two hand-woven scarves at De Invasie toont in May!

dinsdag, 24 maart 2015

Sep Verboom: FAN Lamp

We will show FAN lamp at De Invasie toont in May!

maandag, 23 maart 2015

Ilona van den bergh: PING

We will show PING, a jug or vase of porcelain and stoneware at De Invasie toont in May!

zondag, 22 maart 2015

Inge Rylant: Play Time

We will show Play Time, an autonomous book totally made in silkscreen at De Invasie toont in May!

zaterdag, 21 maart 2015

Emma De Kimpe: 4 mohaire linen woven blankets

We will show 4 linen woven blankets of Emma De Kimpe at De Invasie toont!

vrijdag, 20 maart 2015

Axelle Vertommen: stUhl

We will show stUhl at De Invasie toont!

donderdag, 19 maart 2015

Will you pitch on a Design Flanders breakfast in Milan?

Like you know, Il Salone takes place from April 14 until April 19 2015 and is probably the most important design event of the year. No need to tell you this brings along a very interesting professional audience. You’ll notice the Belgian designers will be very present too. With A Belgian Village, DIFT and a lot of Belgian labels and designers will build a temporary village at Ventura Lambrate. Design…

dinsdag, 17 maart 2015

Sara Plantefève-Castryck: ‘wall hangings’

We will show ‘wall hangings’ at De Invasie toont in mei!

dinsdag, 17 maart 2015

Elisabeth Leenknegt: De {bit}-collectie

We will show De {bit}-collectie at De Invasie toont in mei!

maandag, 16 maart 2015

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