Terracotta-army in Ghent

Exactly 40 years ago the famous Terracotta-army was discovered in China. Boomin Sep creates his own take on this remembrance. In the garden of the Sint-Pietersabdij long last terracotta pots get a new life.

dinsdag, 16 september 2014

What Design Can Do Countdown

We’re almost there: What Design Can Do 2014 will kick off at Stadsschouwburg Amsterdam tomorrow. What Design Can Do will turn Amsterdam yellow for two days in a row, taking over Stadsschouwburg Amsterdam, De Balie, Apple Store Amsterdam, Stedelijk Museum and Leidseplein.

woensdag, 7 mei 2014

DIVAM14: Lotte Martens

Textile designer Lotte Martens is a true story-tellers. She creates fantasy worlds to put a smile on people's face and touch them in one way or another.

dinsdag, 29 april 2014

DIVAM14: Contentement

Contentement is a new non-profit production and publishing house specialized in projects and publications on photography and visual art. Contentement will publish magazines, works of individual artists, artist collaborations and self-initiated projects. One of this artists is Welmer Keesmaat.

dinsdag, 29 april 2014

DIVAM14: Suits For Dudes

Suits For Dudes was officially founded by Niels Blokhuis in 2011. As the third generation of confectioners from east of Holland, Niels was lucky to witness the production process of clothing as of a being a child. After graduating in sport management with a minor in creativity in 2011 Niels decided to dive deep into the skill of designing and tailoring. This is where Suits For Dudes was really born.

dinsdag, 29 april 2014

DIVAM14: Xavier Coenen

Xavier Coenen studied product development at the Academy of Arts in Antwerp and co-operated with Belgian, Portuguese and Japanese architects and designers. Thanks to an additional training as carpenter, he learned to convert customized goods and creativity into modern craftsmanship. After series of inspiring experiences, his passion for wood only increased.

dinsdag, 29 april 2014

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