De Invasie van Amsterdam: the event

This is it. We are ready for De Invasie van Amsterdam. Hope you are too. The first weekend of May over 50 emerging designers will show and sell their work at De Brakke Grond, Deskowitz & Grrr. The Invasion of Amsterdam will be an event promoting emerging talent, such as designers, artists, graphic designers, photographers, movie makers and cooks, ... The entrance to this event is free. So come…

woensdag, 26 maart 2014

DIVAM14: Kim Craenen

Kim Craenen studied interior design and specialized herself in furniture design. At the moment she is a part-time designer and a part-time HR professional. She creates illustrations where citizens are central. During the Invasie van Amsterdam, she will show her new collection.

dinsdag, 15 april 2014

DIVAM14: Lisette Appeldorn

After her education as Fashion designer, Lisette Appeldorn noticed that she was really into Product Design. Lisette wants to break through well-defined frameworks by using materials that aren't intuitive. You can see her project 'raster' during De Invasie van Amsterdam.

dinsdag, 15 april 2014

DIVAM14: Debbie Elisabeth Simons

Debbie Elisabeth Simons graduated in two different educations namely ‘Fashion & Branding’ in ‘Amsterdam Fashion Institute’ and ‘Graphic Design’ in ‘Hogeschool voor de Kunsten’ in Utrecht. You can see her work Tissue 3.0 at De Invasie van Amsterdam.

maandag, 14 april 2014


MatMatMat is an illustrator with a huge sense for humor. During De Invasie van Amsterdam he will present his new, funny illustrations.

zondag, 13 april 2014


Sandra Roozen - the PUC designer - went to art school. She also enjoyed a fashion & apparel education. First she started her career as graphic designer but nowadays she is the creative mind behind PUC, a shop for bags. PUC and its collection will be present at De Invasie van Amsterdam.

zaterdag, 12 april 2014

Graziella Spertini in Milan

Graziella Spertini's work is no more than a dialogue with the material. This still raw material ends up revealing to Graziella its will and desire to be. In fact, each one of her pieces is but a translation of a story already present in the material. She only contributes to reveal its shape.

vrijdag, 11 april 2014

Alexandre Lowie in Milan

This young Ghent-born furniture maker and object designer works indefatigable at his promising breakthrough. Trained at the ifurniture maker department of the St Luc Art School in Tournai, he builds steadily at a personal style, where his passion for wood, metal, leather, pigmented lacquers, geometrical forms and traditional techniques melts together with a deep respect for craftsmanship and functional…

vrijdag, 11 april 2014

DIVAM14: Hermini

Hermini is illustrator, animator, designer who studied animation at The Royal Academy of Fine Arts (KASK) in Ghent. She will present her 3D work at De Invasie van Amsterdam!

woensdag, 9 april 2014


D I A L E C T is a young Belgian design agency. It’s a collaboration of different designers with each their own vision in which they speak their own language. Out of this visions, D I A L E C T was created. During De Invasie van Amsterdam, they will show you their furniture!

maandag, 7 april 2014

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