MOUPILA: furniture and objects

Mieke Keukelier and Tim Schockaert, the founders of MOUPILA, love to create something new. It never gets boring, they say. They find it exciting to design something out of brute materials and that they can feel proud of this afterwards.

maandag, 2 maart 2015

Giel en Sebastien: furniture and objects

Giel Dedeurwaerder and Sebastien Talpe, the two creative brains who created collection bastalpe, answer sharply: "the love for beauty" that boosts them to design!

zaterdag, 28 februari 2015

Simon Saelaert: furniture and design

A finished piece of furniture, that is point of satisfaction for Simon. The end of a proces that started with a shape, a line, an idea, ... the search to a good material or technique.

vrijdag, 27 februari 2015

Jolien Fagard: furniture and objects

Jolien loves to handle materials in her own way. She always searches efficient methods to handle those materials. At one hand creating objects with a lot of potential, but with a minimum of materials can be very satisfying, but at the other hand a design where the degree of simplicity to create it is very high, can also give Jolien a very good feeling.

vrijdag, 27 februari 2015

Vormen: craft and design

I VORMEN I has a diverse team of designers and executors. All these people come from different places. The result is a treasure chest that contains a bunch of new inspiring ideas.

vrijdag, 27 februari 2015

Laura Bergans: graphics and design

"Having a good idea gives a really good feeling!" - Laura Bergans A good idea, an inspiring exhibition, a book, or simply a very interesting assignment can boost Laura to create something new.

vrijdag, 27 februari 2015

Ann Cox: jewelry and glassart

Ann wants to create jewelry when she has many ideas in her head. Challenges for expositions or assignments boost and trigger her to cross her own boundaries.

vrijdag, 27 februari 2015

Launch of new collection ‘Stereotype’ by Lore Van Keer

New in: the new collection 'Stereotype', made by Lore Van Keer. The jewels are -just like her other collections- handmade in her own atelier. The launch of the new collection will take place from Friday the 13th till Sunday the 15th of March, 2015 and will be able to admire online on her website soon.

donderdag, 26 februari 2015

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