De Invasie van Amsterdam: the event

This is it. We are ready for De Invasie van Amsterdam. Hope you are too. The first weekend of May over 50 emerging designers will show and sell their work at De Brakke Grond, Deskowitz & Grrr. The Invasion of Amsterdam will be an event promoting emerging talent, such as designers, artists, graphic designers, photographers, movie makers and cooks, ... The entrance to this event is free. So come…

woensdag, 26 maart 2014


Hi! We are 'Just like your mom toursupport and catering'. Every day our tourmanagers are on the global wide roads with bands. Mom's catering team is constantly on the move with the mobile kitchen. At festivals and events we provide fresh and healthy vegan food like: burgers, kebab, soups, salads, cupcakes and more. We also create full nutritious meals for artists and backstage crew. If your party consists…

woensdag, 23 april 2014


What Design Can Do is back on 8 & 9 May to explore the power of design together with Paul Smith, Bernard Lahousse, ShaoLan Hsueh, and more! Buy your tickets now!

dinsdag, 22 april 2014

DIVAM14: Va-tout

Line Vanden Bogaerde followed a master visual arts at KASK in Ghent . A broad direction in which she could learn about different disciplines. VA-TOUT was founded after her studies. Timeless jewelry, all handmade in her studio. During De Invasie Van Amsterdam she will show her collection.

dinsdag, 22 april 2014

DIVAM14: Ellis van der Does

Ellis van der Does graduated at the ‘Hogeschool voor de Kunsten’ in Utrecht. The technique she uses depends on the subject. She prefers to make illustrations in which there's something to discover. She has graduated with her project ‘Thinking out of the coffin' that was nominated for the HKU Award 2013. During De Invasie van Amsterdam she will show this project once more.

maandag, 21 april 2014

DIVAM14: La Femme Garniture

In 2011 Sabine Van Acker launched her own label, La Femme Garniture. La Femme Garniture designs accessories with passion and joy. During De Invasie van Amsterdam La Femme Garniture will present her textile collection.

maandag, 21 april 2014

DIVAM14: Studio Bhatt

Dutch designer Eline Groeneweg graduated in Textiles in Amsterdam and in Arts- and Cultural Sciences/ Arts Management in Rotterdam and London. Eline founded Studio Bhatt in 2013. She works and lives in the Netherlands and in India. During De Invasie van Amsterdam she will present her table cloth.

zondag, 20 april 2014

DIVAM14: Titi + The German kid

Titi + The German Kid was founded by Kristien Follon. She went to the fashion school at the age of 14 and graduated in 2006 after quite some internships in Antwerp. During De Invasie van Amsterdam, she will present her new collection "OH MY GOD".

zondag, 20 april 2014

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